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Instructions for Presenters

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Wireless internet connection will be available for all presenters.

Paper and Panel Sessions

An LCD projector will be available in each room. Please bring your laptop if you plan to present your slides. If you can't bring your laptop, please contact us ( [AT]

Please make sure your time and place of your paper presentation are shown on the timetable and come to your room at the break time before your session in order to confirm the connection between the projector and your laptop.

Chairs of each paper session have been already assigned. In the case of panel sessions, someone in the panel should moderate the session.

Poster and demonstration Sessions

Each poster and demonstration presenter will have one side of poster board that is 841mm wide and 1500mm high , and will have a place to set a laptop. Poster and demonstration presenters can hang their poster after the first break (11:50) on 16th. Presenters must show their posters and/or demonstrations during core time for presentation of the posters which is set from 15:00 to 16:20 on 16th.

The "Poster slam" starts at 15:05, where every poster and demonstration presenter will have the opportunity to introduce his or her own presentation for one minute. Thus presenters should submit one or two slides for the poster slam to [AT] . Each poster can remain presented until the lunch break (13:00) on 17th.