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JADH 2012

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JADH 2012 conference

"Inheriting Humanities"

JADH2012 book of abstracts

The Japanese Association for Digital Humanities is pleased to announce its second annual conference, to be held at the University of Tokyo, Japan, 15-17 September, 2012. The conference will feature posters, papers and panels. We invite proposals on all aspects of digital humanities internationally, and especially encourage papers treating topics that deal with the ways that humanistic studies are being inherited by humanities scholars in the digital age.

In this decade, the digitization of cultural resources has been carried out extensively by various projects and organizations, taking the ever-growing Internet as the main infrastructure. However, in Japan, such activities have tended to be carried out by practitioners and researchers of information technology--often without sufficient cooperation with humanities scholars. Therefore, one of the aims of JADH2012 is to raise awareness regarding the efforts of humanities researchers and to have some discussion about this area, so that we may provide new support for various approaches toward inheriting humanities in the digital age.

Hosted by:
JADH 2012 organizing committee [members]
Under the auspices of Japanese Association for Digital Humanities

Co-hosted by:
Center for Evolving Humanities, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo
Digital Humanities Core, Interfaculty Initiative in Information studies, University of Tokyo
Center for Knowledge Structuring, University of Tokyo
International Institute for Digital Humanities

Co-sponsored by:
SIG Computers and the Humanities, Information Processing Society of Japan
Japan Art Documentation Society
Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations